Will wearable tech revolutionise home automation?

Wearable tech seems like it’s stagnated over the last few years. The Apple Watch was exciting when it arrived, you can check your texts without the need to look at your phone, it can even count the lengths you swim in the pool while remaining waterproof. And we all know the FitBit lovers who like to keep track of their steps and exercise regime. But away from the novelty and fitness aspect, what is wearable tech actually good for? Surprisingly, with the leap forward in home automation, we’re about to experience the comeback of wearable tech. This is where the Apple Watch really comes into it’s own: pretty much anything you can do with your home speaker or phone, you can do with your wearable too. Want to turn your air con down? Do it as you walk. Smart TV too loud but you’re using your phone? Simply speak into your wearable. A lot of home automation apps can also be used via your Smart Watch, making it actually ideal for being on the go. But it’s not just watches that are revolutionising our world. Other wearables, such as rings, animal trackers for our pets, or emergency key rings are making our lives just that bit smoother. Using a payring, such as the one launched by BankWest, seems a bit like something you may see in a spy movie but even though it seems a bit weird (and it’s not THAT attractive)the low price point makes it seem worth a try. When we eventually can use PayWave on public transport (looking at you, Sydney), being able to pay without rummaging for your card will make you a popular commuter. Wearables are making home automation just that bit more hands free, no rummaging for your phone on the go and actually saving you time and stress when you’re in a rush.

Alice Towndrow
Article Author

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