For many Australians the promise of a faster and more reliable internet service, would be a dream, easing a lot of work and home life frustration, and that’s just what the Government did back in 2007. The government promised Australia access to a faster, and more reliable fibre connected internet to service the most populated areas of Australia. The NBN has been a key issue in the past two elections however what most consumers are not aware of is that the National Broadband Network (known as NBN for short) is being constructed and planned by a “new company" according the corresponding government parties. This company designed purposefully to deal with the oncoming design, build and operate Australia’s new high-speed fibre network. NBN.co which was established in 2009 when the government first proposed the national broadband network should be run as a private-public firm to build the network. The government would sell its majority stake after five years (2014) when the network was fully operational.

So, what has EIGHT years of planning and preparation gotten us?

To put it simply; unofficially an unknown amount in debt (suspected just over 50 billion AUD), much of the nation pissed off, corresponding telco’s kept in the dark, NBN.co has changed the approach to said plan ATLEAST 3 times so far, and to cap it off it’s now 2017 and the NBN roll out is still not complete. The Australian government couldn’t organise a wet fart, no matter which party is currently in control – that’s not new news to MOST Australians. But how did this great plan go so wrong? And what is the nation facing when it is finally (god forbid) finished.

For starters the if the original concept and idea came from 2009 the plan was doomed to begin with, technology has come a long way since 2009 to put that into perspective

• the top selling phone of 2009 was the NOKIA 5230 (the iPhone was still only relatively new, and the model released that year was a 3GS)

• the billboard number 1 song in Australia was poker face from lady gaga.

• 2009 was the last year that Holden Racing Team won the Bathurst 1000

• Australia was protecting its boarders from the swine flu

• There has been FIVE prime ministers since 2009

Compared to technology available today in late 2017, we have developers discussing AI Technology, Telcos and entire companies introducing Australia to the smart home. The tech market has gone through MANY changes including

• the arrival and somewhat death of new gen 3D technology

• the start of VR gaming and headsets

• the revival of the mobile tablet with the creation of the iPad

• the birth and death of the windows smart phone

• Wearable smart tec

3 MILLION people more in the country and some of Australia is FINALLY being connected to the 2009 planned national broadband network, with the first quarter of connections being completed by mid-2016, it’s needless to say that technology has come a very long way in those few years since planning. As mentioned above since the first planning of the NBN we have had 5 major changes in government leadership, and that is partly the reason why the NBN was doomed, with the failure of political leadership, there was no chance the NBN would ever work out with all the political movements in the nations governing parties. None of the country’s leaders ever did the work of investigating and explaining what an NBN truly was. Contrary to popular uneducated opinions, the NBN and NBN.co is NOT an Internet Service Provider (I.S.P) – it is an infrastructure, like that of the city sewers, or roads. The national broadband network is (OMG SHOCK ITS IN THE NAME) a NETWORK!!!!

If you want to know more about the train wreck called NBN click here to keep reading…

Stacey Friswell
Article Author

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