Where is Samsungs BIXBY now?

Users of the Samsung s8 and note 8 are torn, with numerous how-to tutorials and mixed reviews about Bixby the big question is, is it any good?

The update known as is known as Bixby 2.0 left many users crying for an option of disabling the Bixby assistant functions all together, and mostly turning to the android promoted google now assistant. Some digging through android user forums has led us to the discovery that few users take use of the forced Bixby assistant button, Samsung has hardcoded the soft button into updates and users aren’t happy. Since the Bixby update SEVERAL apps have begun popping up in the play store to “remap" the soft button, much to the detriment of the phones operating functions. Samsung users that have opted to remap the button to a different assistant to the likes of google now assistant, are reporting minor function errors after doing so.

With countless flocking to remove Bixby, it leaves the question if it is any good? Samsung are involved in a heavy online advertising campaign via Facebook and YouTube and they market the ad to do everything that google now can. few users report that this is not the case but that Bixby and google go hand in hand, and many users saying they hate it, or haven’t even set it up. Probably forcing Bixby onto user’s devices would have been the worst thing Samsung could have done, really, who wants to use something they are forced to use. As the smart assistant boom is bringing many options for which assistant you let assist your family, home and work life it’s no wonder users are not fond of the late comer Bixby.

In conclusion many users claim Bixby is not worth the time to investigate, they have already gotten things set up with another voice assistant, or they don’t wish to make use of the voice assistant technology. If you are a user of Bixby please leave a comment below and tell us what you think of the Samsung assistant.

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