When will Amazon Alexa Launch in Australia?

When?  Where?  How much?

Don't worry Australia, we all share that same frustration, yet another MAJOR TECH ITEM that changed the world as we know it … ANNDD, we don't get it. Its been just over THREE years since Amazon Alexa launched. Back in nov 2014.  It was the move that changed the regular American household. And the tech industry as we know it, SMART ASSISTANTS. Now it's our turn. FINALLY, release date and cost has been released for the Australian Amazon Alexa's

echo dot will be 79 AUD

The Echo will be 149 AUD

Echo plus will be 229 AUD

Shipping February 1 if you order online.

If you order online through Amazon there is a limited time offer of echo dot for $49, echo for $119 and echo plus for $199. WITH free shipping,

Get ready Australia, the Smart Tech is coming.

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