Underwhelmed by Amazon Australia

Soooo…. This is awkward. Remember all that hype that was around in the news about a week or two ago… YEAH sorry about that. All broken promises.

It sounded amazing did it not? Amazon Australia- no longer did we have to drive to shops, deal with horrid car-parks (thanks Westfeild), deal with screaming kids and angry parents, just to get overcharged for a tech item that is almost sold out. That as usual half the choices are not available because the item had been all over Youtube and the internet for months now, and Australian stores are only JUST stocking it. If your anything like me, you probably HATE dealing with shopping centres (like who even decided to put a 50-100 stores in one building and not expect chaos… insane if you ask me).

I love online shopping because of this, but in today’s market, I like saving money even more. But when you live in Australia, sometimes your just thankful that the brand decided to release to the Australian market. (unlike Samsung, Amazon Technology, most of Nest, most of the 2017 range from madebygoogle – i can keep going but i am sure you get my point). When Amazon Announced they would hit Australia with an online marketplace much like the US Site, that would also include product they would stock in their own fulfilment centre, myself and practically half of Australia started jumping up and down, some out of joy (like my fellow online shoppers), and some out of anger and/or fear (like Gerry Harvey and other retail company owners).

What a Load Of ****! All Hype and no follow through is all we got.

If you live under a rock or haven’t caught on to the message in this article so far, Amazon Australia Dropped today, and it did not live up to expectations.

Firstly it was leaked that Amazon was planning to launch for Black Friday (which is a US Thanksgiving shopping tradition and is only just picking up steam in Australia recently). When news leaked the week of about a inner circle testing the store with a soft launch Amazon.com.au page hits went through the roof,  many people tweeting about how excited they were that they were constantly refreshing the page ready for a surprise launch, or a change of any sort to the site. Some Twitter users even admitting to refreshing the page while at work. Over the next few days that hype almost took a turn to hysteria, as even more Twitter users took to the internet to find out what they were doing wrong

‘Its been 2 days, its been Black Friday both in Australia, and the States. What else are they waiting for?’

Well turns out there was a GST error on the store front, even though Amazon had already been set up to operate in Australia for some time now with the eBooks, and fire tablets already available for purchase for a couple years now, in a fully functional online store.

They told us they would be cheaper, LOTS CHEAPER! – Some items would be 30% cheaper. They told us they would revolutionise Australian shopping. Everything we could ever need in one place, accessed from our very own homes (so long as the NBN isnt Down), with millions of products across 20 categories.

Well as Aussies do best we took to the internet to voice our opinions ( some of the most popular ones can be seen above), with the majority of users complaining that the prices are not cheap, in fact a lot of listed and stocked items are cheaper to go to your local JB-Hifi or Officeworks. Even Amazons Own Products…. like the Kindle e-reader, made by Amazon, that was initially listed for cheaper at Officeworks- Amazon then scrambled to adjust its prices, bringing its Kindle Paperwhite down $20 to $159 to match the cheaper price.


We expect this is just the start for the worldwide eCommerce giant, as they have committed to bringing Amazon Alexa smart assistant products to Australia in the year coming.

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