The Google Pixel 2 – Release Info

Along with Google’s latest hardware release came the eagerly awaited Pixel 2. The Gen 2 phone for Google hardware. Its hard to believe Google have only been making smartphones for a little over a year now considering the success of the Pixel. It was hard for Google to keep them in stores. And if Google is changing paths and heading down the path they say they are, we sincerely hope the Pixel 2 is more successful.

We at About Automation, also hope they learn from the last mistakes and stock more hardware, especially in Australia. So far they have plans to do so with many of the newly announced hardware already available for pre-order or waiting for with plans to release in the next quarter.  As for the actual review of the Pixel 2, we can’t comment yet. Though we do have our name on the wait-list, which you can do via Google store Australia, or a few select stockist. Confirmed so far is Telstra and JB-Hifi.

For the Pixel 2 Google has taken a bit of everything we loved about the Pixel and AMPED it up. Unlimited photo storage with use of the cloud and image stabilisation WITHOUT THE UGLY DOUBLE CAMERA LOOK.  Google are pushing for the limits of new technologies in hardware to be matched with software and A.I. to enhance those features, and of course, adding to your device will be the new Google Assistant. Which is why we are so excited.

The same Google Assistant as in home. From what we understand so far, you will still need a base unit to control a lot of things around the home in terms of automation. But with Google Assistant in your hand, pocket or bag at all times. You can control your home AT ALL TIMES, from any room or country.

Now, there are currently a few options to do this with rival voice assistant Alexa, but this will be the first time this has been entirely implemented with both hardware and software from the same company, so you will experience a lot fewer screw ups.

Stay posted on our review of the Pixel 2, once we get our hands on it :). You can stay posted on our facebook, twitter, or youtube.


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