Would a Smart Speaker from Facebook be welcome ?

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Do you trust Facebook anymore? Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are in damage control mode, due to the data sharing in the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal. Facebook, due to low privacy controls, allowed the app to access the personal data of potentially up to 80 million people, even data that Facebook users didn’t know they were publicly sharing. The social media site are in a privacy crisis at the moment, with allegations that certain election groups also used people’s data to potentially influence elections. While everyone frantically updates their privacy on the site, and potentially millions receiving notification this week that their data was, in fact, compromised, the bad press cycle continues. It’s doubtful that our appetite for the social media giant will suffer too much, but it definitely means a lack of trust for Facebook. But, we don’t want them inside our homes. It seems that Facebook have quietly admitted the same to themselves, as the launch of their smart speaker, to rival Amazon or Google, has been shelved. This makes sense, as we share so much with our smart devices, like our bank details or appointments or even more personal data about ourselves. Sadly, Facebook have realised that we just can’t trust them at the moment with this kind of personal access, especially while we still await answers and action plans from the company about protecting our data. It remains to be seen whether this indefinite delay will scupper their plans for a smart speaker altogether, as we see Amazon and Google get further ahead every day, and the longer Facebook wait the less chance they have of clawing smart home consumers back from the giants. It’s out of their hands at the moment though, as there’s definitely no appetite for Facebook spying in our homes.

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The All New Amazon Cloud Cam

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Amazon now has their new hardware available for pre-order, and that includes the Amazon Cloud Cam, similar to the NEST Cam indoor, but at a significantly lower price.
The Amazon Cloud Cam will not be shipped directly to Australia but will work alongside both the Amazon Key Service and Amazon Alexa. The Cloud Cam supports 1080p Full HD, it features night vision and two-way audio. Amazon mention one of the best features is that you can watch the last 24 hours of clips for FREE, which means they offer the non-free options to up to a month for a paid cloud service, so you can look back on recorded motion. As the name suggests, it stores motion to the cloud and if you want to look back on anything more than 24 hrs, you will be required to pay to access it. The Cloud Cam is yet another product and Amazon story that will not be released in Australia yet, this may change when/if Amazon finally launches in Australia.
If you are interested in the Amazon Cloud Cam, you really have three options; find an alternative brand that is supported in Australia; ship through an America to Australia postal service like Australia Post Shop Mate (paying a service fee and extra shipping with no Amazon support); or waiting to find out if Amazon will ever release any hardware in Australia.

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