Samsung’s ongoing fight to make bixby relevant

Fridges, Phones and Televisions. Samsung are sprinkling a bit of BIXBY into the recipe for all there new big tech items.

At the CES 2018 convention in Las Vegas, Samsung has announced that the 2018 range of televisions will include their smart assistant BIXBY, to allow home connectivity and smart home interaction. This is to go hand in hand with Samsung SmartThings technology platform.

In regards to televisions and SmartThings, Samsung have been working on an app for easy setup and lets the TV serve as the hub to control SmartThings smart home devices, as well as the BIXBY voice assistant into the already “smart” televisions, which is going against the grain with most mainstream TV manufacturers teaming up with google or amazon for their smart assistant. Samsung is of course sticking to their own. which has yet to show anything promising.

Alongside TV’s and phones. Samsung has injected BIXBY into their smart fridges which while this isn’t new, the smart fridge now has added functionality int he SmartThings app allowing bixby voice control in the fridge and the ability to control the houses smart things devices, as well as keep an eye on whats in your fridge. it has been mentioned that Samsung are looking to increase the functionality of screen mirroring already available in the smart fridge, to include phone mirroring too.

Speaking of smart things devices. washing machines, yep Samsung has that too. the newest of which they claim is now smart things compatible. (but no bixby … yet)

it is questionable what on the list of available technology and features will be working in Australia, as down under is yet to be graced with SmartThings line of tech.

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Harmon Kardon & Microsoft Cortana

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This week Harman Kardon and Microsoft released the Harman Kardon Invoke with Cortana  by Microsoft for the exy price of $199.95 USD. The only country it was released in was the United States and with the sound powered by Harman Kardon, and that price tag, it’s easy to see the market they hope to reach. For the moment, powerful sounding speakers are few and far between, with the best on the market (personally considered) being the Google Home Max.
So, considering price range and Sound target this is what we would consider comparing with before deciding to buy.
The highlighted features of the invoke are –
Voice-activated speaker with premium sound and Cortana’s intelligence;
Powerful 360° sound delivered from 3 woofers, 3 tweeters, and 2 passive radiators;
Play your favourite music with the sound of your voice;
Get answers to questions;
Manage your schedule;
Set and receive reminders;
Make and receive hands-free calls with Skype;
Voice-control your smart home devices.
This leaves us with yet another companywith exciting software yet to come to the Australian Market.

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Welcome Samsung to the Competition with BIXBY

Samsung is entering the virtual assistant world, it’s no secret now as they are consistently updating their mobile assistant named BIXBY. Letting them take a step away from the default android assistant GOOGLE. It is rumoured to be getting amped up lately, as they are getting ready to put BIXBY into a Smart Speaker, like Googles “Home” or Amazon’s “Alexa.

Early reports are mentioning some “intriguing” features, but overall functionality at this stage shows BIXBY is needing a lot of improvements.

Samsung to Build their own Smart Speaker

In an interview with CNBC, mobile division chief DJ Koh has confirmed that his company is working on a smart speaker. He's shy on details, as is usually the case with teases like this, but he hints that

“Maybe soon we will announce it. I am already working on it” Koh said

“As I mentioned I wanted to provide a fruitful user experience at home with Samsung devices, and I want to be moving quite heavily on it,”