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Amazon’s Alexa add music to their routines

Using routines on smart home devices is pretty awesome as it is. Saying just one phrase and having loads of cool stuff happen at the same time? Makes you feel kind of like a wizard, or at least, pretty epic. So any updates of capabilities of routines on our Alexa devices is always going to be pretty exciting, and get this! These new updates can help you LEARN…! Or….just listen to more of those true crime podcasts you love. Amazon has finally added music to Alexa’s routine function, so you can now add any music from Spotify, Amazon music, Pandora (NOT Apple Music!) to your morning routine, including playlists which can also be set to shuffle. As well as this, you can of course add any of the podcasts from these streaming services (learn Italian in the am, or something funny to get you up on the right side of bed!) Usefully, you can also pre-set the volume for each routine, so you’re not blasting out the tunes at 6am, even if you had it on loud the night before. Google Assistant, of course, already has music as part of it’s routines function but these are only available in the U.S at the moment. 


IN BREAKING NEWS – a fluke discovery for any Australian users of Amazon Alexa.

If you have shipped in the UK or USA Amazon Echo device and done some tricky set up to get it to work, Chances are on the 24t of Jan it stopped working, recognising your account, even dropped off basic set up features like switching accounts and answering set up questions.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 Automation ROUND UP

CES the Consumer Electronics show, Las vegas 2018 with thousands of companies exhbiting every year, and hundreds of thousands in total attendance its no wonder CES is known as – the global stage for innovation. This year there was over a whoping 900 startup companies in eureka park (the home for start up exhibitors).2018 CES was jan 9th to 12th this year and it wasnt overshadowed by the previous years, we are on the next leap forward in smart technology.