SONOS is getting friendly with Alexa

News has just hit that speaker company SONOS, are planning a complete company integration with Voice Assistant Amazon Alexa. The latest firmware update will include integration for smart assistants to control the entire range of speakers, and with a new app update to help control the separate speakers, you can now push different music to different rooms via wireless.
This news comes on the eve of the reveal of the company’s latest speaker device, which is rumoured to come with a mic and Alexa BUILT IN. Existing Sonos speakers don’t have their own microphones, so Alexa integration is done through a connected Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or any other Alexa device.

Sonos is calling Alexa “the first voice assistant for Sonos" so we expect it may support other services like Google Assistant, with many rumours suggesting the device may even feature more than one smart assistant built in.

US, UK and Germany will be the first countries to access this software, but more countries will come later.

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