SONOS announce Alexa smart speaker

After many CLAIMED leaks and gossip, today, Sonos finally released the announcement of their latest and greatest speaker yet. The Sonos One, with far-field microphones that allow it to work with digital assistants

Now what we already knew was that it would be powered by Amazons Voice assistant Alexa. But let’s look at what is new news.

• The Device will be called the SONOS ONE.

• ONE will retail for $199 USD – about $260 AUD in current exchange rates.

• ONE will have Alexa based voice controls, but will also feature music streaming from almost every service out including Google Play, Apple Music and Spotify. ALTHOUGH Spotify, at time of release, will not be ready for voice commands, you can still stream to the speaker through the Sonos app on your phone. Sonos have promised it IS coming.

• SONOS ONE are hitting the market with better sound quality than any other smart assistant on the market yet, heating up the competition for the ultimate smart speaker.

• ONE will have SIX built in microphones to pick up voice commands from all around the room.

• ONE will come out of the box built in with ALEXA, but SONOS have confirmed they will support GOOGLE ASSISTANT by 2018

• The SONOS speaker will ship on October 24th – US TIME.

While Sonos do have a large range available in Australia, there has been no announcement on the Sonos One availability to Australia as of yet, but this is a developing story so stay tuned,


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