Smart … JUICER?! is that necessary?

As a nation, we love to stay healthy. We love vegan, gluten free with a smashed avo on the top. And we also love juicing. As someone who owns a juicer, it already seems like a pretty simple process. We put the fruit (or whatever) in, it gets mushed (technical…!) and boom, healthiness in a bottle! So, what’s the deal with the NutriBullet Balance? Do we need to smarten up our juicers?
The answer to this lies in how committed you are to the whole juicing phenomenon in more than one way, really. The main draw with this product is the ability to connect your smart phone to the juicier and keep track of the calories entering your juices, because apparently just chucking in all the fruit you can find doesn’t always = good. It connects via Bluetooth and also has a handy built in scale. However, you have to weigh this against the price tag, which is pretty hefty at retailers in the US, at around $180, most probably exceeding $200AUD when it hits our stores later this year. This is very expensive in comparison to both other NutriBullets, and just normal juicers that you can pick up for much less than $100. The NutriBullet Balance could perhaps be a useful investment (if you can stomach the price tag!) for only the hard core juicers, who perhaps already use apps to track their calorie intake. However, for the rest of us, a smart juicer should probably doesn’t need to be on your smart home wish list!

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