The PowerCube Extended USB is a uniquely designed power distributor that features a four-outlet cube at the end of a 1.5 metre flexible lead and also two USB sockets for 2.1A charging of accessories. This product includes a docking mount which users can fasten to a desk, or under the desk, or on the wall using the provided screws, or damage-free adhesive strips.
There is also a small plastic collar that slides up and down the cable, with a screw hole so users can tack the cable to the wall or underneath your work surface to keep the cable tidy and out of the way.

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Product Description

The PowerCube Remote Extended power adaptor allows you to turn on or off your power outlet remotely. It allows you complete control of your power usage at your fingertip. Many customer electronics, electrical appliances and home entertainment system will continue to consume power while they are on standby mode. By plugging these devices to the PowerCube Remote Extended power adaptor. You can turn them all off completely without having to reach for the power switch that is often hidden behind your furniture.
This power adaptor takes user-friendliness to a whole new level. With one big “Step-On” button on the PowerRemote, user can turn ON/OFF the PowerCube from a distance using either their hands or feet. Compares to other remote controlled power sockets on the market, the PowerRemote has a reusable “Sticky-Pad” and can be used to attach it wherever it is easy to find and reach. In addition, the remote uses kinetic energy to send signal to the power adaptor instead of using battery. It means the user doesn’t have to open the remote up every once in a while to change battery. And that is also environmental friendly. Furthermore, the advanced modular design concept allows the remote to pair with multiple PowerCubes, or allows multiple remotes to control one PowerCube power adaptor. You can customise the setup to suit your needs. The PowerRemote can be installed on the floor to allow you to switch on the light when yourhands are full.


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