The IR Learner is an amazing tool for all your control system design. This small device can turn your analogue IR signal into digital and store it for many later uses. The IR Learner does not only learn the Analogue signal, it can also send out the learned signal to prove that what it learned was correct.

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This Infrared Learner is an advanced tool for all your control system design needs, it is a compact yet functional device that will allow the capture and conversion of an analogue IR signal into a digital format and store it for later use.
The simple software tool can store all learnt IR signals for later recall. The IR Learner does not only learn the IR signal but can also transmit the learned signal to test that it has captured the IR code correctly. This IR Learner is compatible with a wide range of IR frequencies and source devices. With simple software tool user can combine all remote controllers signal into one desire place and control all devices through that place.
A Compact USB dongle that Includes software for reading the IR codes as raw data

The IR Learner is great for multiple uses including Analog IR signal learning, IR signal transfer into digital data and IR signal blasting


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