RUMOURED; Google Home to Copy Amazon

Multiple rumours are pointing to the potential of Google to create a smart ‘Voice Enabled’ assistant with a screen. Following the release of Amazon’s Alexa Show (pictured right), Alphabet blocked Google’s sister company, YouTube, from being displayed on the Amazon devices. Initial reports came out saying the new hardware had the codename Manhattan, which has been upgraded to Quartz, it is unsure yet if this will be the devices name. These rumours follow Google’s huge release earlier this month on EIGHT new hardware devices. So it appears the hardware team at Google is keeping busy.
So far the device will apparently have a similar size display of around 7 inches to the Amazon device, Quartz will also have functions on top of the pre-existing Google Home, such as calls, display Google Photos and also control smart home devices, as well as the use of YouTube. Further reports claim they may be working on a larger screened device.
With news about Google’s Choice to copy Amazon hardware, and the MANY times Amazon has copied features from Google Software, we hope its only a matter of time until Amazon FINALLY bring Alexa to Australian Market

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