Roku makes the SMART move and announces Voice Assistant

Roku has a new aim, to create home-wide entertainment harmony, as they recently announced their foray into a world beyond streaming and TVs. While Roku have made a name for themselves over in the US, allowing customers freedom to access many channels and apps, as well as media streaming platforms like Netflix, this is another shrewd move from the company. It comes in a 2 pronged attack, the first being a wireless audio bar and Roku Connect, which will allow easier connectivity between different entertainment systems, effectively making it easy to set up your own entertainment hub throughout your home. The second comes in the form of a voice assistant, but not so much a Siri or Alexa, this one is entirely focused on your entertainment system and will be able to control it all. The best thing about this is, the Entertainment Assistant and Connect are being rolled out as an entirely free update later this year, while the sound bar is expected to arrive the same time. In a market saturated with voice assistants that have already received years of updates and research, it seems clever that Roku have decided to stick to entertainment with theirs, and for those with voice enabled devices, it’s next to no effort or cost to integrate this into your entertainment system. Let’s hope it’s only a matter of time before Roku bring these products to the Australian market, until then we’ll be looking enviously at the US!

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