Potential Google smart display

From the end of last year, there were rumblings of Google launching their own smart display and it seems like this launch is still on track. In a recent interview, Vice President Rishi Chandra hinted coyly that we may be hearing more about a smart display system soon, though gave no specifics. While Google Assistant will be available on Lenovo and Sony smart display devices, it still seems like Google is considering making a solo effort themselves. By partnering with these hardware makers, they’re dipping their toe into the waters of smart display, which would essentially be an updated version of the Google Assistant with a screen to allow for visuals. Of course, Amazon beat them to the punch with this, with the Amazon Echo Show, so it’s no surprise that Google want to continue to compete with their rival and develop their own version. When the smart display, supposedly code named ‘Manhattan’, will appear is year to be seen, with Google remaining tight-lipped for the time being.

Alice Towndrow
Article Author

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