No Love For Australian Market

Nest has confirmed that the new nest range wont hit our shores as of yet.

Nest have only JUST launched in Australia, despite having a large success in the States already. So far we have access to the Nest Cam and Nest Protect.

But as they just launched SIX new connected home and safety gadgets, that we were very excited to see (two of those news products were leaked before the launch).  Even though reports have Nest saying that they are aware there is already an established fan base in Australia, They have no plans yet to give us certified access to their latest product line, but you can check out the release video and wait.

We still have yet to figure out why all the major home automation companies are releasing to Australia so late compared to the rest of the world. Nest is a subsidiary of Google parent company, Alphabet, so maybe they are just following trend with Google Home.

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