Announced only today, Amazon have released 3 new Alexa Family Devices. Bringing new colour options for the original Echo (released October 31st) , a new sized speaker the Echo Plus (released October 31st) , with wood and fabric option finishes; and finally the Echo Spot, a small round Echo alarm clock with a 2.5 inch display (released December 19th). This brings the Echo Family to 7 stand alone devices.  None of the Echo devices ship directly to Australia YET, we expect that to change once the Amazon Warehouse in Australia opens the end of this year, but the new devices ARE cheaper.

And as a first to the market, they have introduced the Echo Button. This is a button that sits ALONGSIDE your pre-purchased Echo Device, this Button as a physical response to Alexa, with the ability to add more than one to each device it has opened up opportunities for games and activities, either by yourself, or with family and friends. 

This new release brings many asking what are Amazon going to get rid off, or saying there is TOO MANY OPTIONS, but it was an expected move for Amazon, being the first company to release a voice enabled smart assistant for the home and home hub, and creating the market. To now, having almost every big tech (and little) company designing their own version, to give so many options for this technology will ensure they stay above the trend.


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