NBN to halt HFC Connections IMMEDIATELY

NBN is immediately putting on the brakes on the rollout of HFC installations due to mounting issues with service dropouts, which could see over 100 million dollars of Telstra’s earnings delayed.

“There are many things we cannot control with the customer experience, but that which we can, we want to do something about" said Mr. Morrow, NBN chief executive.
Mr. Morrow said, “poor experience with the HFC rollout resulted from the lower frequency band NBN was using.” (WOW. What gave that away, maybe the 43000 complaints to the Telecommunications ombudsman.)

For customers waiting to be connected to the NBN via HFC, they will now have to face a delay of half a year or more. (They finally worked out that all those complaints might be correct.) “To help ensure the best possible experience for its customers (the ISP’s) and their end users, NBN Co will temporarily pause all new orders over its HFC access network.

This pause will be in effect until incremental field work is undertaken to raise the quality of service for end user”

For us that knew that “NBN co” would stuff up NBN 1.0 and refused to sign up until we are forced to migrate in 18 Months, even though NBN was available in our area, here are the top 5 jokes about NBN Co:-

* Come clean and tell the Australian public they typed into Google, “how to make money by building a big internet thingy” and followed a YouTube video from a 10 yr old boy from India.

They watched the IT Crowd series and believed Roy & Moss when they told Jen that the internet lived in a black box with a red light on it and it was connected by Wi-Fi, I’m sure that’s when they decided we didn’t need FTTP.
(I guess they bought the DVD collection as they sure as hell couldn’t stream it using NBN 1.0)

Here is a free idea for the NBN heads and Mr. Morrow. Roll out the 1GB/s upgrade and not tell us, with their track record we may just get a system that could make 100Mbs at 7pm at night.

Your NBN 1.0 connection is so slow that … (wtf ?! What is this timeout error)

Your internet connection is so slow, carrier pigeons can deliver mail faster than Microsoft outlook 365 on the NBN

Ok enough jokes (But I had one more!!! Like saying, NBN Co)

Now for some facts:

(cough)Let’s not forget the pay rises they received for the good job they have done so far. (cough) Morrow earned over 3.59 million last year to chew up more tax payer’s money and time!!!!!

We have been waiting for over 10 years for a promise to match the rest of the first world, quarterly report on the world’s internet speeds showed Australia climbed from 51st place to 50th spot during the first three months of the year and this has cost us 46 Billion dollars to reach 50th.

Then I read stories in the media that states the NBN has a message for Australia: ‘ If you want high-speed internet, you are going to have to pay more‘Pay more for high speed, how about what we have paid for so far to get an internet connection that works first. (How dare Mr. Morrow say this! If I was in a room with him at the time, I may not have been able to hold myself back from giving a new job, as a patient in the local hospital, or at least a fat lip.)

Folks, the point I’m trying to make is this is a total joke and has made Australia look like a laughing stock to the rest of the world. How the hell will they take us seriously when we place the countries internet back bone in the hands of these idiots then pay them millions of dollars and reward them for giving us a lemon. If the NBN was a car we would have laws to get our money back but alas using a good Aussie slang “WE ARE UP SH*T CREEK IN A BARB WIRE CANOE” and it going to cost, you and me as the Australian tax payers more and more money while these turkeys try and figure their way out of another jam they have got themselves and the Australian public into.

Trevor Friswell
Article Author

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