NBN Hassles

So, real talk for a moment, today I write this article 4 HOURS later than i planned to work. THANKS TO THE NBN. It’s the big subject in Australian tech lately, with a lot of contesting stories and reports, in our office we have a cable internet connection of current – a cable that the NBN program is ‘borrowing’.

Now I am all for everyone in Australia have good, reliable and secure internet connections. BUT it should not be at the detriment of current cable internet speed and reliability. NBN is great for anyone on ADSL connections as of late hitting 4m/s speed. but for businesses on reliable and fast cable connections are going to lose speed. and we have already lost reliability and we are sick of it, every time there is “maintenance" or “upgrades" we lose all connection into the building.

In a time, span of 6 months, we have had NO CONNECTION during business hours around 10 times each time for OVER AN HOUR, during valuable business hours.  I spoke to a NBN worker today during our outage, I ventured across the road and nicely interrupted him to check if what he was doing would be the cause for our complete outage. i received a sneer back and a catty response claiming everyone was sent an email warning them of potential maintenance times. I exclaimed how “nothing was or could be received”, and he then yelled back “well you should check you junk mail”. (I don’t like being yelled at so I got a bit snarky now)

So In response “I’m sorry sir, but we have complete control over our email server and we have received no emails or ‘junk’ claiming the NBN could cause outages for our paid service. this is ridiculous. I understand you have a job to do but I assure you the depart in control of the NBN installation does not send warning emails, as they have not collected anyone’s emails to send said emails, so there is nowhere for them to send them. Just hurry up because you are messing with our business.”

Then in a last attempt to get some sort of internet into the building I went to garden city Telstra store t but a 4g wireless modem, and the store manager of Telstra sided with me claiming they get told the same thing AND THEY ARE THE SERVICE PROVIDER who should keep to their service contract.

But a huge thanks to Telstra who came through for use with free couple gig of data to use for the day, helping the office get all the work done as we ended up being without internet for 3 hrs on that particular day

All in all, we at about automation are completely on the fence of the NBN coming. For our actual USE of the NBN we are expecting SLOWER and LESS RELIABLE speeds, we are already sick to death of the drop outs. We sincerely hope that all this drama is worth at least something for some Australians, considering how much the government is spending on these upgrades.


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