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As mentioned in a previous installment the nbn cost is a hot topic amongst many Australian communities for the time being. As the nbn fibre network is still being rolled out and estimated to be finished late 2018 early 2019. But a more heated topic in the news is the speeds. With the many types of connections can bring different speeds per connection, what the public already using the fibre network are most concerned about however is the difference in official reports speeds vs. the speed they are paying for and experiencing. Under the new NBN program is you want decent speeds you will have to pay even more to ensure you get the speed required, so even when the network might be capable of faster speeds, you have to pay a higher rate to access that boosted speed.

According to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
“ONE-in-four Australians are unhappy with the speed of their fast broadband connection,” NBN complaints are rising at a faster rate than the number of users. This might be because to install the fibre network to the pre existing cooper network the current service will get disrupted and crippled to do so. So even if a household is not on the nbn they still may experience drop outs and slow speeds because of it.

The proportion of national broadband network customers complaining about faults to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman rose to 0.66 per cent in the 12
months to June 30, from 0.50 per cent a year earlier.

On top of complaints to the ombudsman about speed and drop outs within both networks the other serious complaint coming out is about the lack of solid information available to consumers about the fibre networks capabilities.
Mr Sims said the ACCC is working towards retailers providing accurate information on what consumers can realistically expect from their internet service provider (ISP).
“We want to see retailers moving away from unhelpful, easily misconstrued and inconsistently applied claims like ‘up to’, ‘boost’ and ‘superfast’, and from advertising and/or providing information about theoretical maximum speeds that are based on wholesale inputs,” he said.

For consumers it is important to get the speed you are paying for, To get an accurate idea of your connection and use speed it is suggested to test your conenction at different times and days, and use an independant testing service.

Similar to testing services such as;


Oz Broadband Speed Test


Mr Turnbull, who was communications minister before becoming Prime Minister, said many of the problems were caused by the way the project was designed. and recently publicly came out claiming that “The NBN was a calamitous train wreck of a project when we came into government in 2013,"

For the PM to say that about his own previous role, you know it must be a mess- even if he fabulously passes the blame back onto the opposing party. All Australia is left with is what NBN.co decides, so we as a collective must hope that the kinks iron out and Australia can catch up to the rest of the world.

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