Microsoft is saying goodbye mobile?

News struck a few weeks ago that Bill Gates no longer equips himself with a Windows Phone, but has switched over to android. While this is not exactly ground-breaking news considering Gates is no longer involved with Microsofts; day-to-day running, what is Ground breaking news, at least for the Home Automation fans, is news that has come out surrounding Microsofts latest direction choices. In the last 24hrs Microsoft worker Joe Belfiore took to his twitter account @joebelfiore to address a tweet he received from a Microsoft Windows Phone user.

This whole conversation indicates Microsoft is moving away from the phone and maybe even hardware in general, and this is the first official time anyone from Microsoft has directly addressed it. But don’t worry if you still love your windows phone, they will still support software and bug fixes… FOR NOW. Microsoft has said goodbye to support for the old OS running platforms in the past few years. and of course, Belfiore’s Twitter account was hounded with questions from Microsoft users.

So, what’s the good news, you ask. What does Microsoft have to do with Home Automation?

Well, with Microsoft finally admitting defeat for the Windows phone, they are adding home automation capabilities for Windows 10.  Of course, you must use the pre-existing Windows Assistant Cortana. (which is both voice and written controlled) but news is flowing fast about this new feature. Which you can read ALL ABOUT in this post HERE

Overall there is big changes for Microsoft on the horizon, & it is safe to assume that partnering with Amazon was the first big move from them.

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