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Not only did google grace us with EIGHT new hardware devices in the early hours of Australia’s 5th of October Morning, but they also took us on a path for what felt like a bit of a re branding, with lots of different team heads talking to us about lots of different aspects of their department and goals. But the audience repeatedly heard those TWO phrases


Which pretty much sums up the event, and direction google plans to take in the coming future, as appropriately explained below in a video form the event with Rick Osterloh. Google will be moving away from being a mobile first company ad into the future being an A.I first company.  The event ended up being almost 3 hours long, and there is A LOT of information to cover so below we have broken down the event into important information to save you time.

If you happen to be a huge Google Fan, want to hear more about any topic covered below or have some time to listen to the whole event you can watch the video stream from the event on YouTube from the madebygoogle channel.

And if you hate a lot of reading you can watch Google’s Introduction to the new Hardware announced in the video below.

To kick off the event google explained how they plan to reach more and more countries and they continue to map growing countries and remote areas, as well as rethinking all the core google products.

Then the SVP of hardware Rick Osterloh addressed the audience and the change in googles directional and vision and the need for that is an ever-growing market.

But I will let him explain that because he makes is very easy to understand, you can watch the 2minute video to the right .

Google’s Director of Product Management; Rishi Chandra, started to explain the first of many improvements to the google assistant Voice Match is a way that google assistant can learn your voice and differentiate from each user on your device to give you direct feedback and responses to thins on your personal accounts like contacts, calendars and preferences.

Next Isabelle Olsson the Lead Designer for Home Hardware discussed the design perspective of the new devices and made the first major reveal, this is the device we all expected to hear about the google home mini. A smaller, slimline and attractive version of google home.  Isabelle explained how they took 157 attempts to get the right shade of grey, and have designed an entirely new fabric for the device.

You can read more about the google mini HERE, but the main features is will come in 3 colors; Coral, Chalk,and Charcoal. Mini will be available in Australia by the end of the month, and is ALREADY available for pre-order from google, and is only $79 AUD

The Mini will have Bluetooth, WiFi, and Features 360 degree Sound with a 40mm Driver in a Unit with only a 98 mm Diameter.  Even though the Mini is covered in a cloth, the top of the unit will have touch controls.

MR Rishi Osterloh then followed off this announcement to introduce us to another new action from google assistant. Following off the ‘my daily briefing’ already used in google home, google will now be rolling up over the next update an extended version of this action, called routines. Which is the BIG NEWS for home automation. This will allow trigger sentences to start a series of events you set up, for example, good night google can trigger the doors get locked, the lights turned off and a white noise machine simulator be played, you can also be briefed for what you have first up in the morning and an alarm set so you’re not late, a from saying one sentence. A year on from when google home first released it can now support over 1000 smart and connected devices, so we cannot wait until the new updates roll out (this will also be on google assistant on mobile devices)

Yoky Matsuoka form nest came out to introduce to how nest and google assistant can work together to protect your home, and while they are making some truly amazing connected home products, unfortunately only 3 products from the entire range are available to the Australian market. And they are back from the first gen products, and only available from ONE retailer. There has not been a single mention of the possibility of nest releasing in Australia.

Rishi came back with yet another new action for all of us to wait for the next google assistant update. Broadcast is straight forward, from any device you are connected to with google assistant you can broadcast a message, even if you are away from the home, so no longer do you have to yell out to the kids, tell google to. This one will be great for families with younger children.

On that focus around family google assistant will be focusing on children using the assistant, for games, learning, and even stories. Following the new children’s actions, google have partnered with a few known children’s companies, like Disney and WB .To give the parents piece of mind to their children using this new AI technology, they have included voice recognition to focus on what children are saying, and given them parental controlled in the family link account for youngsters under 13 y/o.

The next important Hardware google will be releasing is the Google home MAX. which as the name suggested is the opposite of the mini this is a much larger speaker, focusing on music streaming and the sound output. With 2 woofers and 2 tweeters this speaker will pack a punch.  Unfortunately, it is not available outside of the states of yet, but Google Plan to release it to other countries in early 2018. We will keep you posted on this one.

Following the hardware announcement Matt Vokoun announced the Pixelbook and Pixelbook Pen. The Chrome OS, 4 in 1 laptop. Which will not be available to Australia. It will feature a 12.3” touchscreen with a flexible case to be used a laptop or tablet.

Now the big release many Australians have been waiting for. The next gen pixel phone, Pixel is a name we have become familiar with. so we have been eager to see what googles next version will bring

 The Pixel 2 Smartphone.

Mario Queiroz addressed the audience about the TWO designs google will release for the pixel 2.

And there is a lot to cover on it, so you can CLICK HERE TO READ MORE both will be available to Australia, for $1079 AUD plus extra for accessories, like the usb type c to AUX you will need because the phone does not have a headphone socket. It appears the pixel 2 will be released in Australia towards the end of October (this information is unconfirmed via JB Hi-Fi) though you can actively join the waitlist from google store directly HERE, and pre-order will be available on October 20th. And yes, the pixel 2 will come preinstalled with pure android Oreo OS and google assistant built in.

Now there is 3 more Hardware Products to discuss, one I will brief you on as will not be available to Australia. And that is google Clips. Which is googles own hands free smart camera, allowing you to live the memories and leaving it up to them to capture the moment, I love the concept of this.

Now you remember a product ago I mentioned no Headphone Socket on the Pixel 2 right… OH LOOK WIRELESS HEADPHONES.  Google are bringing the pixel buds to Australia with the pixel 2. Wireless touch responsive headphones, not only can they help you communicate with your phone and google assistant without having to touch your phone or device, but the pixel buds can even help you communicate with others, bringing google translate into a real-world application. So, you can have a conversation in a different language in real time.

So, if you have read this far, that’s all of it. And I swear my head was spinning my end of the event, there was so much information to take in I actually had to re-watch the stream before writing this.


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