How much is too much when it comes to automation?

It can be pretty easy to become confused with the items in our home that will benefit and improve with automation, and those that need a bit more thought. Usually, if an automation doesn’t fit to our needs straight away, we can change the settings, programming and try out different things until we’re happy. When it comes to the security of your home, however, and especially our families inside those homes, we should be extra careful with our automations. Fire alarms are possibly the most important things in our homes and, while adding a system that helps detect fire, alert the authorities for you as well as a myriad of other actions is incredibly useful, a real and tested fire alarm is also a must! What would happen if your phone was off, or one of the self-set up automations began updating? A minor annoyance at most with most smart home gadgets, but a life threatening one in the case of a fire alarm. It’s really worth thinking through whether things that can be automated, in fact, should be. The automated turning on and off of objects which can be dangerous, such as a fireplace or even a radiator if it gets too hot, could be a potential fire or burns hazard if unsupervised. Even a window could be dangerous to someone near it, if they’re not expecting it to close suddenly they could trap a limb or worse. It’s worth thinking about potential dangers to your family or others in the house, especially children, before adding items like these into your smart home.

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