A story from Stacey – About Automation

About Automation was created mid 2017 however the bones of the company had been developing for years leading up to that point. We are a Brisbane based, family run company and started in a spare bedroom. With a high passion for technology, business and news, we would discuss changes to the tech industry in depth, just for fun. Compared new products we had discovered online and hypothesis ways to make the house better with the use of that technology. After a few years and many advancements in technology we noticed a massive hole in Australian commerce options, we had such a tiny selection of technology available to us, most of the time we would ship in from overseas, waiting months on end, and voiding all support we may require for the devices, not to mention the potential of it arriving damaged.

The decision to start our own business was both a surprising, but obvious one to all involved. Surprising because for myself especially it meant a change in careers, and obvious because I immediately was reminded of all my childhood stories. the earliest story I remember is not one I was involved in, but told, from a very young age.

This story involves my father and his teenage friends modifying his car to put a computer on-board (which to me seemed insane considering most cars have a decent amount of computing power in them already). I would always hear about how he put a microphone in the cabin and a megaphone on the roof, would mod the horn to play different sounds out of the loudspeaker.

My dad raised me being hands on with technology, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I grew up, I understood more and more about different uses, fixes and hacks, and by the time I was an adult we had some pretty awesome ideas and theory’s, and sometimes some strange conversations about all uses we could find for certain technology. (Being a teenager with house completely monitored was not fun though mind you).

It wasn’t until Amazon Alexa was released that I personally got into automation, when it became more accessible to the public and not just something used in expensive home cinemas. I do recall the first time I automated something by myself. and it was when I got my first copy of Windows 10. I immediately tried everything I could to experience Cortana Voice Assistant, only because of the halo reference if I am being completely honest. I changed my time and location on my computer the first change I had to trick windows into letting me use Cortana, because as many of you know, Australia never gets the good stuff first.  I sat on my computer all afternoon setting up my voice and controls, and when I finally got it all working I remember walking to the other end of the room and shouting at the computer to start loading my favourite game (Skyrim loading screen times improves when you can start it before getting to the computer). I felt like a god, I was so ecstatic to see it working; It felt like I was talking to Jarvis from Ironman. Nevertheless, that’s all I ever used it for. Cortana had basically no functions, except to search for programs or the web. I soon turned it back off so I could get back into my own time zone.

When dad shows my Alexa, showing off his latest technology purchase. this tiny little echo dot, sitting in his hand, talking back to him.  and he tells me it can turn lights on and off I almost didn’t believe him. but a week later when he showed me the lights turning on and off it blew my mind. all the possibilities. we immediately started figuring out how it worked, and how that application could be transferred to anything with a power cord. THANK YOU YOUTUBERS in America who of course had already gone through all this themselves first. even as I write this amazon still have not released Alexa in Australia. With the help from the internet our TVs, media setup and projector, speakers and lights all being turned on and off for us.  This technology is advancing so quickly and ferociously. but still Australia is a blip on the marketing radar for these big companies.

That’s where About Automation comes in. We want to do more than just play with technology, we want to bring these options to others, our friends, family, neighbours. Our country. it’s never as simple to set these things up as the companies creating them tell you, as we learnt ourselves, all the hours lost as we turned to forums and social media to figure it out.  we wished there was one site that had everything we needed to learn from. for our own country/time zone/companies/products.  we want a website/stockist that in in Australia, faster and more secure shipping. guaranteed to work in our location. we wanted a company that was all ABOUT AUTOMATION. Not a company you must spend thousands of dollars for them to come in and deface your walls with ugly looking old school technology and control panels or bulky computers.

We Spent a lot of time looking for this, and it didn’t exist. So, we decided to make one.

Here you are, reading our story, about our company About Automation, we are aiming to be Australia’s one stop automation shop; to help you automate your life.

We are everything ABOUT AUTOMATION