What Exactly Does Home Automation Mean?

Automation denotes devices acting or operating in a manner essentially independent of external influence or control of equipment, a process, or a system – the American heritage dictionary.

Home automation provides the ability to program and schedule events for the devices on the network. The programming may include time-related commands, such as having your lights turn on or off at specific times each day. It can also include non-scheduled events, such as turning on all the lights in your home when your security system alarm is triggered.

Home automation has risen in popularity over the past decade. Electrical Automation systems are getting progressively more cost effective, & not only are prices diminishing, but running the software needed is becoming less complicated so that operators can promptly get the hang of the controls connected to their safety devices, home security, or electrical appliances/devices. With today’s technological advances you can even give home-automation instructions through your computers, smart devices, phones, tablets, & the many “Home Assistants” on the market (such as Alexa or Google Home – click here to keep reading ) 

These days “smart devices” have become the norm, but home automation makes them truly “intelligent”. Internet enabled devices are given the ability to control anything that is attached to the network, Unlike the original Automation controls which were the good old desktop computer or laptop, and many of the older programs were easily & readily accessed on a pc, but took up bulky & invaluable real-estate in the building, & required running cabling through the entire building.

Today’s home automation systems are more likely to share programming scripting and monitoring controls between “smart app” services giving you the ability to control your automation from anywhere in the world. From a home security perspective, this also includes your alarm system, and all the doors, windows, locks, smoke detectors, surveillance cameras and any other sensors that are linked to it.

Once you begin to realise the possibilities of home security & automation, you will be able to originate an infinite amount of useful & ingenious purposes to construct an improved lifestyle. With a collection of cutting-edge features, you can better your eco sustainability, lower your electric & water consumption, monitor your security from anywhere in the world, & forget all about the many array of confusing & unsightly remote controls for your many media devices. IF YOU CAN PLUG IT YOU CAN AUTOMATE IT. It’s literally that easy.

Different home automation hardware & software offer an assortment of intensive functions, with each program & set up coming with its own strengths & weaknesses & if home automation is peaking your interest then The Team at About Automation is here to help you learn, decide & install what set up is perfect for your needs & focuses.

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