New devices from Google Hardware

Google press event has just finished and there will be a breakdown of all the major news to highlight in the next few posts. For now, I’ll leave you with a summary of those devices.

For starters Google Home has TWO new devices. The rumours about the smaller Google Home device were correct. Google Home now have mini and max. One is a discreet and mobile unit to bring Google Assistant to everyone in the house (and it’s super cheap, and coming to Australia within the month). The second, Google Home Max. A device that is solely focused on sound. With 2 tweeters and 2 woofers and AI learning to automatically adjust the sound per environment location and personal preference.

The Pixel 2 smart phone has been completely reinvented with focus on camera and storage which will come in 2 separate models.

The Pixelbook Chrome OS laptop, that has 4 in 1 user interface. Also, the pixel pen to enhance the way you use it.

Pixel buds – Wireless headphones with mic and controls in the ear pieces. Giving you Google Assistant when in use with a pixel phone, on the go.

And finally, Google Clips. A portable small pocket-sized AI learning camera that can take hands free and screen free videos, so you can live in the moment and capture the memories all at the same time.

BUT THE BEST NEWS, SIX of the devices announced, will be available to the Australian market in the near future.

A complete run down on the event can be read here with details on everything Google discussed, and hardware Australian availability, included suspected cost and order dates.

 If you so desire to watch the 2 hr live stream of the MadebyGoogle Event you can do so on their youtube channel.

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