Google now compatible with 3rd party speakers

If you love your google home mini, but are frustrated with the sound through fabric covered speakers, you’re in luck as Google have decided to make all their home devices compatible with Bluetooth speakers. Even though the sound isn’t the most important thing about Google’s smart home devices (of course it’s the not the main reason you buy a smart speaker), it’s pretty frustrating to invest in tech and have things not work as well as they COULD, especially if you’re using it to play a lot of music around your home! Google said they wanted to ‘amp up the sound’ and were responding to customer feedback (aw, thanks guys!) and you can pair any compatible Bluetooth speaker, even using multiple in different rooms, and of course using the smart assistant to sort them into groups or make one a default. It’s a massive change for Google, who previously only allowed connectivity between Google enabled speakers, meaning there are no limitations for us. Of course, you can’t speak directly into those 3rd party you’ll still have to talk directly to the Google Home device, with the speakers acting as merely vessels for the technology within the smart assistant. It’s nice to see Google listening to it’s customers (after a short delay in allowing 3rd party speakers) and it’s freeing to be able to use a multitude of speakers for with your home devices from now on.

Alice Towndrow
Article Author

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