Google home Release in Australia BEFORE Amazon Invasion

With well over 70 automation partners, that work fluidly to let users control devices using the voice activated Assistant Google Home, and being on the US Market for just under a year now, Google’s choice to release later in Australia baffled some, and left many impatient, but alas our wait is over. Signing with only SIX major retailers apart from google store, as the official release took place on July the 20th 2017, putting the cost of the tabletop device at retail for around $199 in Australia.

The ‘Google Home’ device is a medium desktop speaker and microphone device. Controlled by using the phrase ‘OK Google’ or ‘Hey Google’, the device will use Google’s own search engine to answer any questions and deliver information and news, depending on the question asked of it. Currently “Home” can be synced with to up to six Google accounts, making it easy for a family home to use. It can also learn your voice and tell the difference between your Household members. Home’s base is removable and you can buy replacements in various colours, although choice is currently limited in Australia.

Time will tell how Google’s “Home" assistant will stack up against others like Amazon Alexa, and how the device will perform as a home automation assistant.

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