Google Home Mini, spying rumors

By now, you have probably heard all the talk and news going around about Google Home Mini, listening to users conversations and recording it. But we want to set the record straight.
SOME of the new Google Home Mini devices have a fault with the SPECIALLY designed fabric that Google themselves made new thread for it to be touch sensitive. This was Google’s big mistake. The touchable fabric controls are a little TOO SENSITIVE and can activate the Mini’s controls WITHOUT a person controlling or commanding it to do so. Therefore the Mini would always be listening. Lucky for consumers, this was discovered by an unfortunate user who found his entire conversation in print through Chromecast on his TV.
Once Google was aware of the situation they ran a software update PERMANENTLY disabling the touch controls feature on all Google Home Mini’s. It threw a large spanner in the works for the Mini. But be rest assured, the Google Home Mini is still very much functional and is definitely NOT SPYING ON YOU.

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