google assistant for ios ?

So you have an iPad, maybe an android phone, so how do you utilise home automation effectively without just committing to one brand? Of course Apple have the market lead on tablets, so good news is here in that Google Assistant is now available as an app on your iPad! It’s been available on the iPhone for a while now, but the new iPad version features a lot of new updates, not least being able to use landscape or portrait on your iPad. It’s also super inclusive with 7 different languages choices. Via your iPad, Google Assistant can now dim your lights or multi task using split screen, as well as all the basics like make calls or set reminders. It’s good news for those of us who use Google Assistant but also happen to have an iPad as our tablet of choice. Amazon, of course, have already cottoned onto this, and have made an Alexa app available on Android and iOS. These third-party assistants will only be able to function within their own apps, so if you’re a die hard Siri user it’s unlikely to turn you, but for those already using Google Assistant it’s a handy continuation and integration into the rest of your devices: and it’s free on the App Store!

Alice Towndrow
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