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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 Automation ROUND UP

CES the Consumer Electronics show, Las vegas 2018 with thousands of companies exhbiting every year, and hundreds of thousands in total attendance its no wonder CES is known as – the global stage for innovation. This year there was over a whoping 900 startup companies in eureka park (the home for start up exhibitors).2018 CES was jan 9th to 12th this year and it wasnt overshadowed by the previous years, we are on the next leap forward in smart technology.

Harmon Kardon & Microsoft Cortana

This week Harman Kardon and Microsoft released the Harman Kardon Invoke with Cortana by Microsoft for the exy price of $199.95 USD. The only country it was released In was the states and with the sound powered by Harman Kardon and that price tag its easy to see the market they hope to reach, for the moment powerful sounding speakers are few and far between, with the best on the market (personally considered) being the Google Home Max.

Harmon Kardon & Samsung

South Korean Company Samsung have been scares so far, with many failed attempts to kick start Voice Assistant Bixby, due to a few reasons the biggest being the lack of English recognition and support for the assistant features, and the next is assumed to an already flooded market with a strong fan base for the 4 other major Smart Assistants.