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Apple Hompod & Homekit products

Apple’s Home Kit has always appeared to be a less viable contender in the smart home market and it’s been noted that the experience with Siri is less sophisticated than with Amazon’s Alexa, for example. While all you need to begin your own smart home is an iPad/iPhone, the Home Kit app and whatever compatible products that you choose, the traditional rigidity of Apple has put off a lot of those that aren’t hardcore Apple followers.

Sonos has joined the smart speaker market

Sonos have jumped on board the market, and have Apple Home-pod in their sights. Sonos already have made a household name for itself with wireless speakers, but now they will make voice controlled speaker allegedly be powered by Amazon’s Alexa. Early details coming out the speaker will have 360 – degree directional speaker capabilities. Further … Continue reading Sonos has joined the smart speaker market

Apple HomePod Already Struggling for Supply

Even though it’s not yet released there are multiple sources claiming Apple’s take on the home assistant is already in dire numbers. HomePod, Apple’s upcoming voice assistant product is expected sometime towards the end of 2017, but according to recent reports from one of the manufacturers of the device Inventec the launch day will be greeted with limited stock