August Home Releasing More Products

One of the most globally well-known Smart-Locks currently on the market, August Home, is now playing catch up with some lesser known brands. Early reports are claiming the company are releasing two new products to keep up with the ever-growing “Smart Tech Market".

The first of two products are a Reboot of the August Video Doorbell, Like the of the RING doorbell readily available on Australian Shelves Already.

The second is the company defining Smart Lock which now works with Apple, Google and Amazon Smart Assistants and is $279 AUD, but is currently based only in the US, so shipping will be extra.

The rumoured products appear to be a more refined design (we hope slimmer than the current depth of the lock) with less bells and whistles, to cut down product cost. It appears they are aiming for a broader cost market.

But as this is unconfirmed at this stage, the grapevine also has the opposite floating around. That August Home plan to release a higher end lock and doorbell.

What both rumours confirm however, is we expect to see the new products drop in the coming few months.

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