Apple HomePod Already Struggling for Supply

Even though it’s not yet released there are multiple sources claiming Apple’s take on the home assistant is already in dire numbers. HomePod, Apple’s upcoming voice assistant product is expected sometime towards the end of 2017, but according to recent reports from one of the manufacturers of the device Inventec the launch day will be greeted with limited stock for the eager Apple fan base. Launch Date is still unconfirmed, and it is speculated the initial supply will hit in time for Christmas shopping but will only feature a low 500,000 units worldwide.
Apple’s HomePod will feature a sleek and modern design, and the Technology Focus is on the higher end capability for sound. Finally, it is certainly not needed to confirm, but the HomePod will feature a Siri voice enabled user Control. Only time will tell if this low stock rolls out will be the Home Pod’s Downfall even against the “cult like” following Apple Has.

*EDITORS AMMENDMENT* following this news it has been confirmed there will be two Taiwanese based manufactures for the HomePod


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