Amazon furthering hardware line

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Intel and Amazon have recently announced their partnership and are releasing an interesting piece of technology they call the Intel Speech Enabling Developer Kit. This is already available to order for any DIY buffs and developers out there. The kit includes a high-performance algorithm for acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, beamforming and custom wake word engine tuned to hear “Alexa”. This device will make it easier for third-party developers to accelerate the design of consumer products featuring the Amazon Alexa Voice Service.
With Amazon looking to partner with companies like Intel to help improve third party devices for voice enabled controls, rumours are flowing from multiple sources are pointing towards Amazon looking at third party device manufacturers to help release further smart home hardware. Which would be a very big and very smart move for Amazon. By releasing supported smart doorbells, car locks, and cameras, would be a great investment into the ‘smart home’ and Alexa software; but would also go hand in hand with other Amazon products. Furthering home security and monitoring will help Amazon ensure package delivery safely, while still offering more options to Alexa Consumers.
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You can Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay posted on this developing story.

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