Amazon Australian Website Stocking Up

If you have been following our on going news updates about Amazon’s inevitable Australian launch, you’d know that everyone at About Automation are extremely excited about the upcoming shopping giants entry to the Australian market.

If you’re getting excited for Amazon’s arrival in Australia too, there’s a few more signs that launch is imminent. Amazon’s Australian website is now being populated with some items – among the few items being found are power boards, and Game of Gnome garden figurines, the few products being spotted are showing up when searching for specific search terms, among the apps and books results. the website layout and categories have not changed yet so we like to think of them as little Easter-eggs or teasers.

Following the Amazon Sydney summit this morning, Amazon confirmed that the marketplace based web store will launch “really really soon”, and in copy format of the US Marketplace, Amazon will initially stock out of their own warehouse, and will be opening the marketplace to third parties as in the states, a bit further down the line.

We sincerely hope that means they will bring the entire Amazon technology range to our shores, and finally release an Australian version of Amazon Alexa.

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