Amazon Australia Launch Update

Against MANY in the eCommerce and Amazon industry predictions, its been almost a week after the predicted launch date. While Google rating must have gone through the roof with a large portion of the Australian Amazon fans admitting in outrage on twitter and Facebook that the spent a good percentage of time hitting the refresh button on the Australian sites homepage waiting for a “surprise" launch.

Further rumours are pointing to a GST glitch in the soft launch and testing stage for the delay of the predicted launch date (can we blame the ATO website for that?)

News broke today from Jason Mahoney, Managing Director of market research firm Kantar Retail, revealed at a WPP client event last night that the reason for Amazon's 'failed' launch last week was potentially due to glitches in their back end. Specifically, he mentioned that Vendor Central – which first-party suppliers use to sell their products with Amazon – was incorrectly calculating GST on purchases.

For now there is a few issues with the Amazon Australian Site, that may delay the launch until 2018, But that hasn't stopped them from the positive approach, reportedly bought 2.11 hectares of vacant land in Smeaton Grange. Which is about 7 million AUD worth of land, this is suspected to become yet another fulfilment centre, which is promising for US Australians and Home Automation enthusiasts. as this COULD point towards amazon bringing out more of there own products such as the Amazon Alexa (smart home assistant) hardware range.

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